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MY Aliyah

A new approach to philanthropy that gives you the opportunity to use your annual gift to show support for the programs and ideas you connect with most!


What’s different about MY Aliyah?

MY Aliyah isn’t just an annual campaign – it’s a way to enhance your connection with Aliyah!  Use your annual campaign contribution to show support for the programs and ideas you love, and if you’re having trouble finding something to connect to, work with us to add it!  Our most popular groups and programs are those created by our community members.  It’s time to make Aliyah your own!

How do I select what to support with my contribution?

Since each giving level has different options, and since those options are constantly changing as we add new programs, we’ll contact you to make arrangements.  Those who give at the $360 level will automatically have their name attached to a staff appreciation or campus beautification opportunity at some point during the year.  Everyone who gives $540 or more will receive an email or phone call to discuss.

Here are some examples of what you can support.  More opportunities will be added throughout the year.

$360 can support
Staff Appreciation
Campus Beautification

$540 can support
ECE Programs
SCJLL Events
Youth Lounges and Activities
Community of Caring

$1000 can support
Mitzvah Day
Daily Minyan
Shabbat and Holiday Services

CHAI ($1800) can support
Holiday Celebrations
Creative Videos
Purim Hamentashen
Be the Light and other campaigns

DOUBLE-CHAI ($3600) can sponsor
Summer Shul
Adult Education
Special Shabbat Services

PATRONS ($5000) can sponsor
Every Third Shabbat
Purim Shpiel
Shabbat Yoga
Ongoing services and programs

Can I give anonymously?

Of course!  When we reach out to you, just let us know.

Are my gifts cumulative? If I already gave to the MY Aliyah campaign this fiscal year, and would like to give more, will my donation total be combined to open new opportunities to support Aliyah?

Yes!  For example, if you gave $540 during the Yom Kippur appeal, using that donation to support an ECE program, and would like to give another $500 now, you’ll be able to select a program in the $1,000 level.

All of this sounds fantastic!  What do I do next?

Fill out the form below to make a new pledge today.  If you have any questions about MY Aliyah, or want to inquire about a pledge you previously made, please contact our Executive Director, Maureen Sweeney, at (818)346-3545 or



Tue, July 14 2020 22 Tammuz 5780