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Welcome to the Temple Aliyah West Valley Jewish Film Society

We watch great movies from around the world to learn more about Judaism, to exchange ideas and just to laugh.

It costs nothing except to stream the movies, and it’s easy. Just send an email to Rabbinic Intern David Mendelson asking to join and you’ll be enrolled in the society. At least once a month, you’ll get an email telling you which film we’re watching that month and how to stream it. Then you can gather with us on the third Thursday of the month, sometimes on Zoom and sometimes in person, to hear more about the film or discuss it with fellow members – or both.


The lights are going down, and the show's about to begin. Turn off your phones and join us at the movies.

What is the West Valley Jewish Film Society?

We’re offering you a chance to watch some great Jewish films and then get together and talk about them. Whenever possible, we’ll have speakers who have special knowledge about the films, including Aliyah members and clergy. Some of our monthly get-togethers will be live, and when our guest speakers are from other states or other lands, some will be on Zoom.


Our goal is whether you’ve seen these films before or are watching them for the first time, you’ll get more from the experience by exchanging information, impressions and ideas they generate. We think all of us will learn more about the meaning of Judaism and how we fit in.


March Selection: "Hitler's Children"

Directed by Chanoch Ze'evi 


Film Discussion will be April 20th, 7:00 PM at Temple Aliyah with a special dialogue session with Rabbi Stweart Vogel. (RSVP Here)


At home Rental information: 

You can stream it for free if you have any of these services: Film Movement Plus or with ads on  PlutoTV.
Also, check with your public library to see if it offers Kanopy, which also lets you stream it free. Or you can rent it from:


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In The Yankles, the Dean of a Yeshiva decides that the school should have a baseball team to compete in the college league. Elliot (Michael Buster), a student with a background in minor league baseball, is able to convince Charlie Jones (Brian Wimmer), a former major league player recently released from prison as a result of DUI convictions and now with 200 hours of community service to perform, to coach the team. As he coaches the team, he gives the players "a new measure of skill and confidence." as they help him regain his self-respect.

Hitler's Children is a unique documentary film that reveals, for the first time, the ways in which family members of high rank senior Nazi officers from Hitler's inner circle struggle with the burden of carrying a terror-inducing surname. During detailed interviews, families such as Goering, Hoess, Himmler amongst others, share the feelings of guilt and responsibility that accompany them in their daily lives.

During his detailed and intensive research, director and producer, Chanoch Ze'evi, third generation Holocaust survivor, was able to convince direct descendents of members of the Nazi regime to speak with him, thereby creating and in-depth and mesmerizing dialogue that tells the story of the Holocaust from a new and original vantage point.


The documentary covers difficult stories and images and references to violence. After watching it, some of you will have questions or comments about the film that you would like to discuss about for our April meeting. Please send them to David at


He will collect them for our meeting at Aliyah on Thursday, Apr. 20, at 7 p.m.!


Check out our film schedule up to june 2023 below
The Museum - So you're going to Israel this summer? Once you peek behind the scenes of the museum, you will want to add it to your itinerary.
Meeting May 18
Atomic Falafel - Filmmaker Dror Shaul ventures into "Dr. Strangelove" territory in this comedy about an Iran-Israel nuclear showdown, Internet buddies, love, hackers and fried chickpeas.
Meeting June 15





Archived Films

Don't miss out on viewing any of the Jewish movies and documentaries that were featured in previous months with WVJSF!


♦ January 2023 - American Birthright (2021)
♦ February 2023 - Shalom Bollywood (2017)
♦ March 2023 - The Yankles (2009)


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