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At the JLC, our goal is to be a place where children enjoy learning about what it means to be a Jewish person in the 21st century. Our educational program is built on experiential learning — a pedagogy that emphasizes students partaking in and creating their own learning opportunities.  

Our educational model offers families with children in grades TK-6 customization and flexibility to meet the needs and demands of a modern family schedule. The JLC program for grades TK–6 includes Hebrew studies, JLL (Jewish life and learning), and family education and celebrations. Kindergarten through second graders attend school once a week on a weekday afternoon. Third through sixth graders attend school once a week on a weekday afternoon and for an additional one hour a week for Hebrew instruction (on a weekday or Sunday). 

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Donate to the JLC Teacher Appreciation Fund

As the end of the 2022–2023 school year approaches, it is time to recognize and thank our wonderful teachers. Jewish tradition values the importance of honoring the teachers who have dedicated their time to guiding, influencing, and educating the Jewish soul in each of our children. This year in particular, our teachers have made a tremendous effort with both online and offline classes, keeping Hebrew and Jewish education going for our children as we return from the pandemic.

Help us say Todah Rabah -- thank you very much to our teachers by making a donation to our JLC Teacher Appreciation Fund. We are asking every family to please donate an amount to our Teacher Appreciation Fund that you feel is both appropriate and within your budget. Our hope is that everyone will donate something they feel is meaningful to them, no matter the size.

The money colleced will be pooled together and will go towards a gift and treats for each of our teachers and madrichim (teen classroom aides) and the overall improvement of our school.  Thank you in advance for your support and for your generosity!
If you would like to make your donation in honor of a member of the JLC staff and faculty, please let us know here and tell us why!



Fri, June 9 2023 20 Sivan 5783