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Every Jewish holiday and major life event is marked with food. It’s hard to think of a Jewish memory that doesn’t have food associated with it.  Challah on Shabbat, Kreplach on Rosh Hashanah, Breaking Fast with family and friends after Yom Kippur, a meal in the Sukkah, potato latkes for Chanukah, gefilte fish on Passover, blintzes on Shavuot.  There is no end to the comforting memories we can all bring to mind. 

Many of us have drawn on these memories during the current Covid 19 “Safer at Home” pandemic restrictions of physical distancing and taken to the kitchen to bake bread and cook our family favorites as we find comfort in our new “normal”.

People have started to share their favorite dishes with others and now we feel we can share even more by creating a cookbook for the My Aliyah community. This is going to be a fundraiser to support our synagogue.

The cookbook committee is collecting recipes for the cookbook from everyone and ask that you send submit recipes below or via email to by September 15,2020  Please include the recipe title, number of servings, the ingredients, directions and your name so we can credit you in the cookbook.

If anyone would like to sponsor the printing of the cookbook, please let us know.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support.                                                  

Bert Turitz & Irene Klenetsky
Cookbook Committee Co-chairs

How would you like your name listed in the cookbook?
(Hours and Minutes)
Prep + Cooking Time
Ingredients & Measurements


Sun, September 20 2020 2 Tishrei 5781